Each year (now in its third!) we host a project called Collabageddon. The project was dreamt up whilst out enjoying a few beers in Southampton with our mates Vibrant Forest. They're a terrible influence, but do make very tasty beers!

This year's event will be on FRIDAY NOVEMBER 15TH, so put it in your calendar now! We wanted to introduce this year's breweries and collabs in plenty of time, so some tasty wild/aged beers can play a part too…

We're stepping up from last year's 10 breweries to 12 this year. Yes, we're getting BIGGER!

The breweries

Chapter Brewing

First up, hailing from Runcorn, Cheshire, it's headband wearing, former English teaching Chapter Brewing, who create beers inspired by the innovation and playfulness of the written word!

Donzoko Brewing

Next we head to Hartlepool in the North East, from where we'll be joined by the producers of the incredible Northern Helles (and plenty of other tasty beers!)!


Whizzing back down to our home county of Berkshire we drop into Reading, where newcomers Double- Barrelled have built something us locals are very proud of indeed. Lovely people making amazing beer!

Iron Pier Brewery

We're off to Kent next! Gravesend is home to the fantastic Iron Pier Brewery. James, Charlie and Jimbob are a force to be reckoned with, especially when it comes to car (van) pool karaoke! They brew some great beer too.

Little Earth Project

Off to the countryside now - Edwardstone in Suffolk. Little Earth Project is a very special place. Specialising in historic, farmhouse and wild beers using organically farmed ingredients from their local landscape.

Marble Brewery

Manchester is home to some amazing breweries. We're absolutely thrilled and honoured that one of the UK's most highly regarded and iconic craft breweries is joining us this year. Yes, it's Marble Brewery. BOOM!

Ridgeside Brewery

Leeds is another amazing beer city and this brewery is a proud part of the scene. Not one to shy away from experimenting with bold flavours and ingredients (understatement of the night!), it's Ridgeside Brewery!

Solvay Society

Down to London now, to a farm in Ilford on the Essex border to be precise! Solvay Society specialise in modern beers influence by classic Belgian styles. They've just opened a tap room too - check it out!

Steam Town Brew Co

Further south we head, into Hampshire! Eastleigh is home to Steam Town Brew Co. A brew pub that's become a real community hub. We love their beer!

Tenby Brewing Co

Let's head to Wales next! Tenby Brewing Co is another brewery who absolutely loves experimenting with fun ingredients and new styles. Last year, they hosted Collabageddon at their lovely Sand Bar and this year, they're coming to play!

Torrside Brewing

Last but by no means least, we head to the picturesque New Mills in Derbyshire. Torrside love smoked beers but they can turn their hand to pretty much anything. Check our their Monsters range to see what we mean!

The Pairings

  • Chapter v Donzoko

  • Donzoko v Marble

  • Double-Barrelled v Little Earth

  • Little Earth v Solvay Society

  • Iron Pier v Steam Town

  • Marble v Iron Pier

  • Ridgeside v Elusive

  • Solvay Society v Torrside

  • Steam Town v Double-Barrelled

  • Tenby v Chapter

  • Torrside v Ridgeside

  • Elusive v Tenby

The venues

We'll announce the UK-wide venues nearer the time - we’re still aiming for 20 locations UK-wide for launch night, so there's sure to be one near you.

Stay tuned to @ElusiveBrew for more details as they emerge!

Ant James